Saturday, February 26, 2011

aziemah rahaman

coretan ini tertulis apabila peristiwa gempa bumi di NEW ZEALAND.
yeahh!!i know,all of u doesn't get it right..
my sister- aziemah binti abdul rahaman was at there bile gempa bumi berlaku...
i hope she okay..
in couples of minute b4, i called my mother ask for the payment y abg sye minx utk repair kreta tp xda hasil pun..
umi told me that 3 malaysian students found dead n 3 are missing...
sye sgt3 berharap n berdoa i2 bukan kakak sye,,,.totally sorry to my sis all my wrong i did to u..i'm sorry..
plz be safe at there!!

Dear Allah. i know i'm not actually a good muslim. But please i need your help to give your guidance & protection to my sister Aziemah from the earthquake.please allah protect her. i'm begging you. i really am……
hope to see u again...

face that full of hopes to see u again!!
face that always be on ur side when u needed
face that doesn't show her loves towards u
face that tell u everything that she felt in her life
face that try to pretend happy outside but cry inside
face full of ego
face that always love u
face that will turn blushing if u read this blog

thx sister ............


Faridah said...

hope selamat lahh yer...

btw, follow u..if u dum mind follow me back..:D

cik ruru said...

ok honey..

cik ruru said...

ok honey..

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